Why can’t I get motivated?

Can’t be the weather … 23C and beautiful outside.

Can’t be the gear … new shoes and shorts for birthday.

Can’t be the weight … goal weight maintained for 6 months Laughing


Could it be lack of a plan ? I think this is most likely as I have nothing on my calendar to train for.. I doubt very much that I will get a ballot entry for VLM 2012 so I had better find something – and fast ! even a 12 week program will take me into our hot weather and I like to have Xmas off Kiss - a girl has to have her champers by the pool ..

Hope everyone is starting to get excited and hears ballot results soon.

Julie x


PS I managed the Half in Perth and did update but it seems to have got lost in the new website somewhere – 2hrs 20 – I only turned up on the day because I had paid and it wasn’t raining , was not really trained for it but happy I did it.

Why can't I get motivated?

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